Two men jailed after three separate cannabis farms found on Tunstall street

Cannabis found in Tunstall Cannabis found in Tunstall

Staffordshire Police announced on Wednesday (8 May) that two men had been arrested and jailed after three separate cannabis grows were uncovered on the same street in Tunstall. 

Kledi Hilaj (24), of no fixed address, admitted to being the producer of the cannabis found and was sentenced to eight months in prison on 2 May. 

Klejton Shahinaj (20), of Staffordshire, also admitted to being involved in the production of the cannabis and was jailed for five months. 

Police discovered the cannabis farms in March. Growing tools, electrical equipment, and plants were uncovered after three properties were searched by the police. 

These cannabis grows posed a major concern for those living in the street as they were powered by electricity bypasses. To prevent harm, police disabled the bypasses as the mains. 

In the property where Hilaj was arrested, 49 growing lights, 49 transformers, and 59 plants were found. In the property where Shahinaj was found, 119 plants were found.

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