Police seize numerous e-scooters and off-road bikes in Tamworth

electric scooter clampdown in Staffordshire electric scooter clampdown in Staffordshire

Staffordshire Police have been clamping down on anti-social behaviour related to e-scooters and off-road bikes in the Tamworth area and have seized several vehicles in the process. 

The police have received “lots” of reports in recent weeks related to the dangerous riding of electronic scooters and bikes in Tamworth. This includes riding e-scooters on footpaths and driving off-road bikes on public highways. 

In the UK, e-scooters can only legally be used on private land. Riders are not permitted to use them on cycle lanes, pavements, public roads, or other public spaces. Similarly, off-road motorbikes should only be used on private land with landowners’ permission.

Staffordshire Police have seized all vehicles that they’ve found to be used illegally. Seized vehicles have then been destroyed. 

Riders caught without a valid license or insurance have also been fined £300 and given a six-point penalty. 

The police urge Staffordshire residents to continue reporting incidents related to dangerous riding of vehicles. 

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