Car cruising and racing could be banned by Stafford Borough Council

car racing in Stafford car racing in Stafford

The implementation of a public spaces protection order (PSPO) on the road between Trentham and Redhill is set to be discussed by Stafford Borough Council. 

The A34 on the outskirts of Stafford has long been a popular road for cruisers and racing. 

Recently, the Staffordshire Police have received over 40 complaints related to car meets. They’ve also had to respond to the scene several times to stop the racing from happening. Several warnings have already been issued to those partaking in the anti-social behaviour. 

A local councillor expressed that besides the danger caused by this high-speed driving, loud engine noises and shouting are said to keep locals awake at night. 

Considerations are being made to put a PSPO in place for three years. This would mean that anyone caught racing on the A34 or junction 14 of the M6 would be charged a fine. 

If convinced in court, the driver could be fined up to £1,000. A typical penalty for racing would be £100 or £75 if paid within the first 10 days of its issue. 

Councillor Jill Hood, who lives next to the A34, stated “Some nights it’s been awful because they cruise round our estate for hours”. 

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