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Nature is all around us: bustling, beautiful, but sometimes vulnerable and in need of a little assistance along the way. 
Here are some simple methods and suggestions of how we can give wildlife in our gardens that little helping hand it sometimes needs:

News RSPCA Rescue Dogs From Houseboat

A man who lived on a houseboat had to give up his dogs to the RSPCA when his home started to sink in Staffordshire.
The owner of terrier-cross Arthur and Jack Russel terrier Bennie contacted the animal charity to ask for their help when his houseboat started to sink in Burton-upon-Trent. 

Crime Prisoner who trapped doctor and brandished blade sentenced to 3 years

A 21-year-old prisoner who held a doctor against his will in his consultation room and threatened to kill himself, has been jailed for three years. 
Jonathan Ndila, originally from Tulse Hill in south London, was on remand at HMP Brinsford in Staffordshire, when the incident took place on March 31 2017.

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