Staffordshire road safety campaign leads to 70 arrests

Staffordshire police Staffordshire police

Staffordshire Police have announced that they made 70 arrests and took action against 316 drivers during their six-week Look Again campaign. 

The majority of the arrests and offences issued were linked to the ‘fatal four’, which are drink and drug driving, speeding, using a phone while driving, and not wearing a seatbelt. 

Since March 2024, police in Staffordshire have been monitoring vehicles closely to raise awareness of the ‘fatal four’ following a year of high road fatalities. 

In 2023, 45 people were killed in road collisions in Staffordshire. Most of these deaths were linked to driver error. In response to this, Staffordshire Police announced their Look Again campaign. 

Out of the 70 arrests made, the police stated that 15 were arrested for drunk driving, while 18 were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Three of the 70 were arrested for dangerous driving. 

Throughout the 6 weeks, 176 breath tests and 117 stop searches were carried out. 37 stolen vehicles were recovered and 125 vehicles were seized.

In addition to the arrests, 316 traffic offences were reported, most of which were to do with poor driving habits.

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