Motorcyclists gather in Lichfield for anniversary of Staffordshire teenager’s passing

Stephen Sutton Stephen Sutton

Yesterday (12 May), over 700 motorcyclists travelled between Lichfield Rugby Club and Burntwood Rugby Club in honour of Stephen Sutton, who died from colorectal cancer 10 years ago. 

The 27-mile route has become an annual event and continues to raise money for Sutton’s Teenage Cancer Trust fundraiser which he started during his diagnosis. 

Sutton also wrote a bucket list, in which he put “raise £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust” at the top of his priorities. Over the last decade, over £6 million has been raised. 

There have been 12 rides organised since Mr Sutton’s passing, with yesterday’s event being the highest attended to date. 

The money raised through Mr Sutton’s fundraiser has been vital for the Teenage Cancer Trust and has helped them ensure that every major cancer hospital has a teenage and young adult ward. Stephen was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 15 and used his time to carry out as much fundraising as possible. This included playing drums at the 2013 Uefa Champions League final.

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