Knutton Recreation Centre to be transformed into 54 home estate

Knutton Knutton

Planning permission has been approved for 54 affordable homes to be constructed on vacant land in Knutton.

The site, which is located on the grounds of the former Knutton Recreation Centre, has lain derelict since 2012. The Recreation Centre itself was demolished in November 2016. 

Durata Development will oversee the project. The neighbourhood will consist of two to four-bedroom family homes, with some properties available to buy and others to rent. 

Acacia Avenue and High Street will provide access to the new estate. A new community building will also be built on the site. 

Although the development will mostly take place on vacant land, a small part of public space will also be used, which has caused some objections from Knutton locals. 

Further objections to the plans had been raised in relation to the lack of highway access to the land. 

It is unclear when work will start on the new estate. 

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