The Children’s Country House at Sudbury: A Family Adventure in Heritage and Fun

The Children's Country House guide The Children's Country House guide

The Children’s Country House at Sudbury Hall is an enchanting destination offering an abundance of spaces and experiences designed to capture the imaginations of young minds. From piecing together a giant 3D jigsaw to exploring a mock space station, every corner is an adventure. With space-themed toys and games, the house transforms learning into an exciting quest for children and adults alike.

Set within the historical walls of Sudbury Hall, the Children’s Country House is a place where the past meets playtime. It provides a unique setting where stories from long ago are told in a way that’s engaging for the whole family. History is observed and experienced, making each visit memorable and educational. It’s a place where every child can become an explorer, and every visit is a chapter in a storybook of discovery.

Welcome to The Children’s Country House

Step into a first-of-its-kind heritage adventure at the Children’s Country House at Sudbury Hall. This pioneering concept in family-friendly heritage experiences invites you to explore the past in a dynamic and engaging environment. The Children’s Country House is important as it is a testament to the importance of preserving our past for future generations.

Why It is Unique

The Children’s Country House breaks the mould of traditional museums by creating an interactive space where children lead the way. Here, they’re encouraged to touch, play, and engage with history in an educational and thoroughly enjoyable manner. It’s a place where the barrier between the past and present is playfully dismantled.

It encourages young visitors to become active participants in their learning. Each room is an invitation to adventure, and the hands-on approach ensures that history sticks with them long after they’ve left. It’s an innovative twist on heritage education that celebrates children’s inquisitive nature and turns them into time-travelling adventurers.

How to Get to The Children’s Country House

Ready to embark on a journey to a first-of-its-kind heritage adventure at The Children’s Country House at Sudbury? Here is how to get there.

Directions By Road, Rail, and Bike

Located near Uttoxeter at the junction of past and present, the Children’s Country House at Sudbury is most easily reached by road. The journey itself is a prelude to the adventure that awaits, with scenic routes leading you to the heart of heritage and fun. For those travelling by rail, the nearby Uttoxeter railway station provides a convenient link, with local taxi services available to complete your journey to Sudbury Hall.

For the environmentally conscious and the avid cyclists, well-marked bike paths offer a leisurely and eco-friendly option to reach this historic destination. Whichever mode of transport you choose, the journey to the Children’s Country House is the first step in a memorable family experience that combines learning with laughter and discovery with play.

The History of Sudbury Hall

Sudbury Hall, a majestic country house in Derbyshire, is a marvel of history dating back to the 17th century. George Vernon inherited Sudbury and began the construction of this grand home, which was completed towards the end of the 1600s. The hall reflects the pride and ambition of its founder, standing as a lasting testament to the Vernon family’s legacy.

Through the centuries, Sudbury Hall has witnessed the ebb and flow of history, with each generation of the Vernon family leaving its unique mark on the estate.

The Great Staircase and Its Stories

The Great Staircase within Sudbury Hall is not merely a means to traverse floors; it is a centrepiece that carries the footprints of history. As visitors climb its grand steps, they follow the same path as countless others before them, from the Vernons to visiting dignitaries. The walls echo with stories, and the woodwork whispers tales of grandeur and everyday life intertwined.

Imaginations soar as each step reveals more of the house’s grand past, inviting visitors to ponder the lives and dreams of those who have passed through. The staircase serves as a bridge through time, connecting the present to the echoes of laughter, whispers of gossip, and the silent strides of history that have graced its presence.

What to See and Do at The Children’s Country House

At the Children’s Country House, historical grandeur meets family fun, with activities and sights that cater to all ages and interests.

Exploring the Gardens and Grounds

The gardens and grounds of Sudbury are not just green spaces but a living gallery showcasing a variety of plants and landscaped designs. Special about these gardens is the seasonal bloom that paints a different picture with each visit, from springtime daffodils to the rich autumnal tapestry of colours, making every walk a fresh discovery.

Architectural Wonders and Interior Design

Step inside Sudbury Hall and be amazed by the architectural wonders and stunning interior design that await. From the grandeur of the Great Hall to the intricate plasterwork and historic paintings, each room tells a story of elegance and craftsmanship that has been preserved for generations to enjoy.

Family-Oriented Activities and Events

With a calendar packed with family-oriented activities and events, Sudbury offers endless opportunities for fun and learning. Whether it’s hands-on crafts, storytelling sessions, or seasonal festivities, there’s something to captivate the hearts of both the young and the young at heart.

Summer Nights Film Festival and Woodland Theatre

The Summer Nights Film Festival and Woodland Theatre at the Children’s Country House at Sudbury is a unique open-air cinema experience. Nestled in the captivating woodland, families can enjoy classic movies under the stars. It’s a place where childhood memories are made, and stories come to life in the magical setting of Sudbury’s historical landscape.

Educational Workshops and Interactive Exhibits

Engaging educational workshops and interactive exhibits are at the heart of learning at Sudbury. Designed to spark curiosity and encourage discovery, these activities allow children to delve into history, art, and nature through hands-on experiences that are both informative and entertaining.

Tips for Making the Most out of Your Trip

A trip to Sudbury is not just about experiencing history. Here are a few tips to ensure your visit leaves a mark not just for you, but for the Children’s Country House as well.

Volunteer Opportunities and Community Involvement

Become part of Sudbury’s story by joining our team of dedicated volunteers. It’s a chance to give back, learn new skills, and meet like-minded people, all while supporting the preservation of this historical gem. Community involvement is at the heart of what makes Sudbury special, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Projects and Initiatives Supporting Our Mission

The Children’s Country House at Sudbury thrives on various projects and initiatives that enhance the educational and entertaining experiences. These efforts include conservation projects to preserve the rich history of Sudbury Hall, educational programs to engage young minds, and community outreach to foster a love for heritage among local residents. You can join these projects that align with our mission to create a family-friendly environment where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Practical Information for Visitors

The Children’s Country House at Sudbury is located at DE6 5HT. If you need more details before your visit, here is some practical information below.

Opening Times for the Upcoming Season

The upcoming season welcomes visitors from 10 am to 5 pm, with the last entry at 4:30 pm, ensuring you have ample time to explore every corner of this enchanting estate.

Ticket Prices and Membership Benefits

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Children’s Country House at Sudbury with ticket prices that offer value for a full day of exploration. National Trust members enjoy free entry, making it easier to return time and again. Membership benefits include unlimited access, discounts, and the joy of supporting a noble cause dedicated to heritage and education. Become a part of the Sudbury story today.

Best Times to Visit

Every season brings its own charm to the Children’s Country House at Sudbury.

However, to fully enjoy the mystery rooms and the array of activities on offer, plan a visit during the quieter weekdays or early mornings on weekends. This ensures a more intimate exploration of the house’s secrets and a chance to engage more deeply with the interactive exhibits without the larger crowds.

Facilities at Your Service

Enjoy various facilities designed to enhance your visit, including a charming gift shop, dedicated spaces for educational visits, a forest café for refreshments, designated car park areas, and full accessibility for assistance dogs, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience for all.

Refreshments at the Fairy Tale Forest Café

Take a break at the whimsical Fairy Tale Forest Café, where treats and refreshments await to replenish your energy for further adventures. Indulge in a selection of snacks and drinks in an enchanting setting that will add a touch of magic to your visit to the Children’s Country House at Sudbury.

Shopping at the Jungle Bookshop

For families who love stories, the Jungle Bookshop is a must-visit. Nestled near the forest café, it’s a fundraising shop where children and adults can embark on literary adventures. With shelves brimming with tales of every genre, young readers can find their favourite characters while supporting the upkeep of the country house. It’s a magical place to pick up a souvenir that keeps the wonder alive long after you’ve left Sudbury.

Restroom Services

When exploring Sudbury’s rich history, you’ll be pleased to find clean and accessible restroom services for your convenience. Strategically placed to ensure you’re never too far from a break, these facilities are maintained with the highest standards for a comfortable and worry-free visit for all guests.

Parking Services

Arriving at The Children’s Country House at Sudbury is hassle-free, with ample parking suitable for cars, bikes, and even coaches. The signposted areas allow for an easy start to your day of adventure, ensuring that families can transition from travel to exploration with ease.

Safety and Etiquette During the Visit


  • One etiquette rule for a visit to the Children’s Country House is to respect the space. Keep Sudbury beautiful by not touching or climbing on historical artefacts and structures.
  • It is also important to stay on paths. It will help preserve the gardens by sticking to marked paths and not picking the flowers.
  • Capturing memorable moments is almost an unwritten rule for any excursion. As you photograph the scenery, do not use flash photography inside the house.
  • Just as you would keep your own compound clean, keep Sudbury spotless. Do not litter. Use bins provided to keep the grounds clean for everyone to enjoy.


  • Always follow the marked paths to avoid getting lost or wandering into restricted areas.
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially after contact with interactive exhibits or shared surfaces.
  • Keep a close eye on children, ensuring they don’t stray too far or climb on delicate structures.
  • Respect barriers and signage designed to protect you and the property.

The Culinary Scene at Sudbury

The Fairy Tale Forest Café serves up scrumptious treats that are perfect for a family picnic on the grounds. From homemade scones to hearty sandwiches, the café takes pride in using local produce to craft its menu. Indulge in a sweet slice of Staffordshire’s famous oatcake or a warm, buttery Bakewell tart – a true regional speciality.

For a more substantial meal, families can explore the dining options in the nearby village, where gastropubs and quaint eateries offer a range of dishes showcasing traditional English fare. Whether it’s a classic Sunday roast or a plate of fish and chips, the emphasis is always on flavour and locality, ensuring that every meal contributes to the unforgettable experience at Sudbury.

Where to Stay to Make the Most Out of Your Trip

For an extended adventure in the area, there are several family-friendly hotels nearby that combine comfort with convenience. The Coach House Hotel, just a stone’s throw from the estate, offers spacious rooms and a warm atmosphere perfect for families.

Alternatively, The Sudbury Inn provides a more traditional stay, with cosy accommodations and a welcoming pub to relax in after a day of discovery.

Another excellent option is The Pastures Hotel, renowned for its hospitality and picturesque setting. Close to the action yet far enough to offer a peaceful retreat, the hotel ensures a restful night’s sleep after a day of adventure. With special family rooms and a hearty breakfast to start the day, it’s a top choice for visitors to Sudbury.

Beyond the Children’s Country House: Nearby Attractions Worth Your While

Just adjacent to Sudbury Hall, the wing houses the National Trust Museum of Childhood, a treasure trove of memories and nostalgia. Here, you can venture down a Victorian mine tunnel, meet real-life chimney sweeps, and crawl into the darkness of a hidden coal shaft. It’s a fascinating look into the past that complements your visit to the Children’s Country House.

For those who love to explore, the servants’ wing offers a unique glimpse into the lives of those who worked in grand houses like Sudbury. It’s a chance to learn about the history of Sudbury Hall from a different perspective, adding depth to your understanding of this historic estate. Discover the stories that echo in the halls and get a feel for the bustling life of service in times gone by.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening times for the upcoming season?

The Children’s Country House at Sudbury is open from March to October, with varying opening hours. It’s best to check the website or call 01283 585337 for the latest information before planning your visit.

How much are the ticket prices and are there any membership benefits?

Tickets are reasonably priced and offer access to both the house and grounds. Memberships are available and provide great benefits like unlimited visits and discounts in the café and shop. Again, for up-to-date pricing and membership options, give us a ring or visit our website.

Is there parking available, and how do I get there by public transport?

Yes, there are ample parking spaces available for visitors. If you’re coming by public transport, route 401 between Burton and Uttoxeter stops along the main road, making it convenient for those travelling without a car.

Are there any special activities for children?

Absolutely! The Children’s Country House Museum is designed with kids in mind. From interactive exhibits where they can learn about toys through the ages to educational workshops that are both fun and informative, there’s plenty to keep the young ones engaged.


Whether you’re delving into the history of Sudbury Hall, taking part in a family-oriented workshop, or simply enjoying the richly decorated rooms, the Children’s Country House at Sudbury offers an award-winning experience. With the museum located in the stable block, you’ll have a memorable visit that combines education with excitement.

And when the day draws to a close, why not relax at one of the nearby family-friendly hotels? With so much to see and do, from the architectural wonders to the natural beauty of the gardens, your adventure at Sudbury is just the beginning. Don’t forget to explore the surrounding attractions or venture down a Victorian mine tunnel for an immersive journey into the past.

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