Two Barbary macaques born at Trentham Monkey Forest

barbary macaques barbary macaques

The Trentham Monkey Forest announced on Monday (13 May) that they have welcomed two new Barbary macaques. In a Facebook post, the team announced that the babies had been born “during the past week or so” “high up in the trees”. 

This popular attraction aims to create as natural a habitat as possible for its 140 free-roaming Barbary macaques. The monkeys live just as they would in the wild with no direct human interaction, so it’s difficult to determine when exactly the two new additions to the family were born. 

The team behind Trentham Monkey Forest are dedicated to maintaining this species of monkey, which is currently endangered. It is estimated that less than 8,000 live in the wild. Surviving troops can be found in the mountainous parts of North Africa.  

The staff say that the two newborns are “… a testament to the incredible living conditions and the park’s commitment to the conservation of the endangered species of primate”. 

By supporting these wild-living primates, the Trentham Monkey Forest creates a totally unique experience for visitors. 

A pathway has been created throughout the 140-acre forest for visitors to walk along and spectate the natural behaviours of the monkey species. 

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