Significant litter fine increase to be considered in Cannock

Litter in Cannock Litter in Cannock

Cannock Chase District Council will consider a proposal on Wednesday (12 June) that will see a significant increase in fines related to fly-tipping, littering, and graffiti.

The last time penalty notices for environmental offences were reviewed in Cannock was over five years ago. 

If approved, littering and graffiti fines would increase from £75 to £500 (or £250 if paid within 10 days). 

The proposal also wants to increase the fine for fly-tipping from £400 to £1,000. 

Lastly, the fine for failing to meet a duty of care in disposing of waste would increase from £200 to £600.

If these new fines are approved, those who fail to pay the increased fines will be taken to court. 

The money raised from these fines would go towards environmental schemes and enforcement measures. 

Cash rewards will also be given to those who report environmental crimes. 

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