Pickpocket who targetted elderly women in Staffordshire jailed

Prajne Sarbanovic pickpocket Prajne Sarbanovic pickpocket

Prajne Sarbanovic (31) has been jailed for two years and eight months after pleading guilty to a string of pickpocket offences stretching right across the Midlands. 

An investigation conducted by Derbyshire Police linked Sarbanovic to 19 pickpocket offences using CCTV footage. All of Sarbanovic’s targets were vulnerable women between the ages of 73 and 90. 

One incident took place in Lichfield, but most of her crimes took place in Leicestershire and Derbyshire. 

Derbyshire Police linked Sarbanovic to a vehicle which they stopped in Coalville. Her home on Yates Street, Derby, was later searched. 

Police recovered missing purses, wallets, ID cards, house keys, phones, bank cards, library cards, and bus passes. 

Sarbanovic chose her targets due to their “advanced age, their trusting nature, and their very character”, according to PC Joe Stafford. 

Sarbanovic pleaded guilty to 19 offences of fraud by false representation, having possession of another person’s ID without consent, and theft. 

She later received a jail sentence of two years and eight months in addition to paying a victim surcharge of £228. 

Sarbanovic will be subject to deportation from the UK following her prison sentence.

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