Former NHS offices in Newcastle could be transformed into 126 student flats

Morston House in Newcastle-under-Lyme Morston House in Newcastle-under-Lyme

WUKPG, a Manchester-based real estate group, has submitted plans to transform Morston House in Newcastle-under-Lyme into 126 modern studio apartments for students. The new student accommodation would be called ‘the Residence’. 

Morston House, which is currently vacant, was subject to a planning application that was rejected in 2022. These plans proposed adding an additional three storeys to the building, which councillors argued would be “disruptive to the skyline”. 

The new plan suggests adding side extensions to the building in addition to building communal space, a gym, and a laundry room. These new plans don’t propose adding any additional storeys to the property. 

Keele University has backed the newly submitted plans, stating that more accommodation would help support their growth plans over the coming years. 

Paul Hodgkinson, Director of Planning & Strategic Projects at Keele University, stated: “Keele University has significant growth plans which will see the total student population increase by 4,000 students by 2027-28. The quality of student accommodation, for non-local students, directly contributes to their academic success, mental health, and overall university experience.”

He continued: “”The provision of high quality, centrally located, green transport linked, off-campus accommodation is therefore a key priority for the institution. Following our own due diligence, I am therefore writing to confirm our support in principle for the proposed Morston House student development to be known as ‘The Residence’.”

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