St Modwen Logistics’ plans for Uttoxeter could create hundreds of jobs

Logistics business park planned for Staffordshire Logistics business park planned for Staffordshire

St Modwen Logistics has submitted plans to build a sprawling business park in Uttoxeter. 

If approved, this park could create potentially hundreds of manufacturing and logistics-related jobs. It could also generate as much as £26 million for the local economy. 

During the construction phase, the company will be looking to employ around 195 individuals to carry on and off-site work. 

Once the park is completed, St Modwen will take on 557 on-site employees. Around 412 of these positions will be offered to residents of East Staffordshire. 

St Modwen build and manage logistics and industrial warehouses and business parks throughout the UK. 

The proposed development will be 400,000 sq. ft in size. The site will be located west of the Uttoxeter A50 bypass, which would link the park with excellent transport links. 

The park could produce as much as £1 million per year from business rates. 

A spokesperson for the company stated: “By promoting development on this significant manufacturing growth corridor, we hope to boost economic growth, and create better opportunities and outcomes for residents and businesses in Uttoxeter, and across Staffordshire.”

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