International students bring £176m in economic benefits to Staffordshire

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A new report has been published that examines the economic impact international students have on the UK. 

It revealed that first-year international students who study at the likes of Keele University and Staffordshire University bring £176 million in economic benefits to the county. Staffordshire welcomes around 1,500 first-year students from different countries every year. 

The report was conducted by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI). It also found that the UK economy as a whole receives £41 billion from international students across all 650 constituencies. 

The Vice-Chancellors of both Staffordshire and Keele University have spoken favourably about this report. 

Vice-Chancellor of Keele University stated: “Not only do international students enrich the university communities they study in, but as this data shows they clearly have a tremendous positive impact on the economy of the local area in which they live.”

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor of Staffordshire University Professor Martin Jones stated: “International students offer far more than just a financial benefit to the UK, but this research clearly demonstrates how important these students are to our universities and our regional economy.”

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