Heineken invests in Walsall pub

Wallsall pub Wallsall pub

The Dutch multinational brewing company Heineken are set to refurbish and reopen 62 pubs in England, including Cheslyn Hay’s Talbot Inn. 

The company recently announced that they are set to invest £39 million in UK pubs it owns through its Star Pubs business. 

They plan to revitalise a total of 612 establishments across the UK, including 62 that faced closure during the pandemic and cost of living crisis. 

This investment will go towards renovating and reestablishing the targetted pubs as community centres for towns and villages across the country. It is hoped that this cash injection will create over 1,000 jobs across. 

Star Pubs stated that they plan to transform “tired pubs in suburban areas into premium locals”. 

The list of pubs that are set to reopen includes the Talbot Inn, which was a pub located in the village of Cheslyn Hay, south Staffordshire. 

The pub closed following the pandemic. The former landlord, Stephen Pomroy, was fined £1,760 in September of 2021 for not following covid rules. 

Star Pubs plans to refurbish the Talbot before reopening it. Once refurbished, the bar will appeal to “mature locals looking for a great place to enjoy a drink and a meal with friends”, according to Star Pubs. 

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