Boulders removed from Stoke estate following anti-social behaviour

Boulders being removed from Weston Heights estate in Weston Coyney Boulders being removed from Weston Heights estate in Weston Coyney

Stoke-on-Trent City Council have removed several boulders from Weston Heights estate in Weston Coyney as they were “becoming a gathering point for anti-social behaviour”, according to the council. 

The boulders, which had been part of the estate for over a decade, were positioned around a children’s playpark in the estate. 

A spokesperson for the council stated:  ”Following a revamp of the area, a decision was made to remove a few of the larger stones.”

They continued: “We want all of our parks to be a place for people to enjoy, safely.”

Excavators reportedly showed up and removed the boulders without any prior warning. The sizable boulders had to be split in half first before they could be safely removed. 

Local resident Denis Fitzgerald stated: “It was part of the furniture, part of the scenery really. I’ll be sorry to see them go but it might hopefully leave a bit more room for the children to play.”

Doris Hughes, a dogwalker, added:  “It’s odd that they are doing it now when they’ve been there for at least a decade. I don’t really see the harm in them, they look nice. I always thought they were there to stop cars driving on and making a mess.”

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