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Entertainment circus of horrors in Stafford

This year Stoke celebrates 250 years of Philip Astley’s modern-day circus.

So, it makes sense that The Circus of Horrors would return to the birthplace of the man who made it all possible to give residents a taste of this weird and wonderful circus performance.

Reviews Round the Horne

Some people might know what that says, some might not, but it honestly is a sentence. Way back in the days when your grandparents were the age you are now there used to be a funny show on the radio called Round the Horne. Back then, being gay was illegal, so homosexual men would use a language of their own called Polari to communicate.

Entertainment The Bowie Experience

‘Bowie’ appeared on stage, revealed by a spotlight, silhouetted in front of a space rocket, dressed as Ziggy Stardust playing the acoustic ‘Space Oddity’.

David Bowie tribute artist (aka Laurence Knight) brought The Bowie Experience to Hanley’s Victoria Hall last night (Friday).

Entertainment Dean Allmark, wrestler

The Lee Rigby Foundation charity was honoured in a competition to find the “Newcomer of the Year” for British wrestling promotion in Stoke-on-Trent.

There were two matches at the Victoria Hall, one for the men’s finals and another for the women’s, which were judged by three officials.


British Professional Wrestling promotion, All Star Wrestling, holds its opening night at Victoria Hall in Hanley.

The rumble in the ring begins at 7.30pm with a different wrestler entering the action every minute, a throw over the top rope being the only exit.

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