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Entertainment Northern Broadsides' For Love Or Money. Picture credit: Nobby Clark.

For love or money is a play based in small town Yorkshire, set in the 1920’s. Adapted from the eighteenth-century play Turncaret written by Alain René Lesage. Directed by Barrie Rutter and designed by Jessica Worrall. The story follows a love triangle between widower Rose and her two potential suitors Arthur, the doctor’s son and bank manager Algy Fuller.


It’s not just the 300+ years of experience they have between them, nor the experience of playing with the greatest blues musicians in the world; Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, you name them, that keeps these OAPs filling out theatres and touring the world.

Features Kayi Ushe as the Caterpillar and dancers as the Caterpillar's Legs Credit: Wonderland

Frank Wildhorn’s musical retelling of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland at the Regent Theatre.

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