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Every family has their own way of celebrating Christmas or their own quirky traditions. But when you look further afield it’s very clear that Christmas can be a whole new ballgame for other countries around the world.


For those of you that think it’s too early for Christmas that’s okay! We will wait for you to catch up but for the rest of us I’ve compiled a small list of ways that tell you that Christmas is upon us.

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Youngster across Staffordshire will be breaking up soon for the Christmas holidays.

StaffsLive has put together a list of some of the great festive events around the county to keep your children entertained throughout the season.


Buskers from around Stoke-on-Trent gathered in Hanley to perform live on stage to bring some “Musical Christmas” cheer to the city.

The festive event, organised by Stoke City Council along with two seasoned buskers, took place in Hanley town centre.