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Health Food at the Leek and District Foodbank

Foodbanks across Staffordshire are preparing for increased demand during the winter months.

Statistics revealed to Staffslive by Leek and District Foodbank show that the amount of food distributed increased by 58% in December last year.

Health Keeping pets safe this bonfire night

Bonfire Night is an important event in the winter season for many families, with gleaming firework displays, food and entertainment on offer.

However, the extremely loud event can be very traumatising for your pets.

Health gas leak Blurton Road

A gas pipe was leaking in a Stoke-on-Trent street for more than 12 months before it was noticed, it has emerged.

The leak, on the corner of The Orchards and Blurton Road, in Blurton, was only reported when a member of the public from a different estate walking his dog noticed the smell.

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