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Educating Rita follows no nonsense, Liverpudlian, Rita in her pursuit of knowledge and a greater understanding of well… “Everything”, and her unorthodox alcoholic Open University tutor, Frank. Louise Parkes reviews.

Entertainment Costumes for Lexicon Circus

There are many aspects that form a great circus; clowns, music, dancers, but arguably one of the most important is the costumes.
Not only do the costumes add to each circus theme, they also need to be made to withstand ropes, acrobatics and quick changes.

Entertainment Steven Michaels This Is Elvis

This is Elvis is more than a theatre production or musical, it is a celebration of the life and music of one of the greatest musicians in history, writes Francesca Avigo.

Entertainment circus of horrors in Stafford

This year Stoke celebrates 250 years of Philip Astley’s modern-day circus.

So, it makes sense that The Circus of Horrors would return to the birthplace of the man who made it all possible to give residents a taste of this weird and wonderful circus performance.

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