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Love, Simon came out at the beginning of march and since then has woven into the hearts of many across the world. The impact it has had as a whole on the community is something that has never even been heard of before let alone happened. People around the globe are gaining confidence from this new love story to the point where more and more people are feeling safe and accepted enough to come out and be honest with who they are.

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After an experiment turns nasty, Primatologist, Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) must work alongside discredited geneticist Dr Kate Caldwell, played by Oscar nominated Naomi Harris (Moonlight) and George, a rare Albino gorilla who becomes a victim of exploitation, to stop a monster invasion.


For a long time, the film and television industry have taken a step back when it comes to representing people with disabilities. Non-disabled actors have played disabled roles, but the tide is now turning as more and more disabled actors are stepping into the spotlight.

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