Author Kathryn Jones

Crime Matthew Hough-Clewes

Staffordshire police are now one of the top forces in the UK to launch their first ever digital PCSO to tackle cybercrime.

PCSO Matthew Hough-Clewes is one of only ten people involved in the new specialist role.

The operation will see him providing advice on cyber security and how to stay safe online to residents across the county.

Crime Fake fraud investigation £20,000 stolen police warn

Staffordshire Police are warning people to be weary of fraud after approximately £20,000 has been stolen.
This follows a series of seventeen offences committed where criminals pose as police officers and ask their victims to take part in an undercover investigation.
Fraudsters are contacting members of the public, usually by phone, claiming to be from the police, or in some cases their bank’s fraud team.

Crime Craig Griffiths (left) John Griffiths (Right)

Two brothers from North Staffordshire have been jailed for 15 years each after being found guilty of attempted murder.

Craig Griffiths, 46, and John Griffiths, 45, both of Moorland Road, Cheddleton, beat a man with a brick in a revenge attack in May this year.

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