Author Junaid Khan

Features How good is J Cole's latest album: KOD?

J Cole has taken a mature, focused look on the message he wants to convey and released an album that is not phenomenal, but still solid.

Sport Ryan Shawcross

Ryan Shawcross was the best centre-back in Europe in January.

That’s according to, a stats website that monitors every match in the top five leagues and rates the players out of 10.


“There is nothing wrong at all with being passionate in the support of your team, nor any harm in having an alcoholic drink as part of the experience. Everyone needs to maintain self-control, act in a responsible manner, and the vast majority of fans do exactly that.” Staffordshire Police are clearly open to embracing new methods, and this bodes well for every football fan who is tired of being treated like a hooligan.

Football Stoke City enter the weekend top of the fair-play table

Stoke City are top of the fair play league after seven games.

If Stoke can get the top spot this year they will be awarded money to spend on ‘fair play or respect-themed projects.’

The Potters will hope it will be enough to make The Premier League realise that they are not a ‘rugby team’.

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