Potters ‘Arf marathon entries open for the public


The iconic annual event, the Potters ‘Arf marathon, has opened for applications and is looking to be more popular than ever.

Applications for the marathon were open for just over a week when they reached the 500 entries milestone.

After Covid-19 forced the event to be cancelled in 2020, participants have eagerly signed up to take part this year.

The event, which is historical to the local area, usually takes place towards the end of June. To ensure the event can go ahead, organisers have pushed the event back to September. They feel that it is more likely that restrictions will be more relaxed by then.

Councillor Lorraine Beardmore, cabinet member for Culture, Leisure and Public Health is one of the many people who has helped towards organising the event.

Organisers have ensured that partakers and spectators will be safe at the event when taking current guidelines into consideration.

Everyone was keen to keep some formality to the event, so decided to keep the usual starting sport for the race. They will welcome participants to Potteries Way in Hanley on the morning of the event.

Lorraine also emphasised the benefit that local charities receive from this event. The Dougie Mac and Alice charity being the biggest local charities who earn money and publicity from the event.

“The charities have had a difficult year. The fundraising aspect for all charities has ceased. There would normally be charity shops, but they have been closed. We haven’t been able to hold any events at all. 

“People involved in the event need to support local charities”

Lorraine exclaimed, “even just a few pounds will make a difference when all added up.”

Despite these being two of the biggest local charities that gain from this event, runners also donate to other local and national charities.

With 1,700 people taking part in 2019, Lorraine and other organisers are hoping to up these numbers to 2,000. If the current road map set by the government goes according to plan, they are confident they will hit their target.

With the event not just aimed at those already passionate about running, it also attracts those who want to raise money for charity. Those looking to get fitter or those looking for a new challenge, anyone can participate.

Walk, jog, run. Individually, a group or a relay. Anyone can take part.

To find out more information about applying for the Potters ‘Arf marathon, click the following link. 


Whether participating or spectating, we look forward to seeing you later in the year!


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