Tackling Minds tackle mental health from the river bank


This year has been one of the hardest mentally for a lot of people all over the world with uncertainty being at an all time high, David Lyons who himself has struggled with mental health issues in the past took it upon himself to set up tackling minds in early 2020 to incorporate angling as a tool to help people struggling with mental health problems all over the UK.

David Lyons (right) with Duncan Mottershead (left) of king William IV angling society who have pledged to support tackling minds with use of there lakes and waters.

With the recent start of the second Covid lockdown and amateur sports being put on hold angling has been given the green light to carry on with social distancing measures. Tackling minds took this as a huge plus point with support from Sport England, Angling Trust and also tv angling superstar Matt Hayes offering his time to help David with his mission to help with the ongoing worldwide fight against mental health problems.


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