Staffs University cricket president addresses sport’s challenges


Charlie Reece, president of the Staffordshire University Cricket Club, has revealed the challenges he is facing to make sure the sport continues for students throughout the current Coronavirus pandemic.

University cricket has followed strict protocols set out by the England and Wales cricket board, as Reece explained how he must ensure players follow the guidelines, which include strict restrictions over equipment use.

There are also leagues that have seen matches banned, which has had an impact on the sport, with Reece admitting it is challenging to see the lack of game time.

Reece said: “I work in conjunction with the sports centre as a liaison between the club and sports centre staff, in the current climate, people are signing up to the settings online, making sure they have the right kit and the equipment is ready to use.

“At the moment indoor leagues have been cancelled, which is a shame and we can still train as we’re limited to the amount of people we can have in the sports hall.

“So that is a bit of a problem. Some people can hack it, and some don’t, so we are having to make sure we share (equipment) as little as possible, we seem to be coping with it well so far.”

The team currently are looking at their options for league play, with previous experience against top local sides something of a benefit.

He said “There is a private league from Newcastle, run by a Staffordshire league and we went down there as a union. Some top teams from the indoor area were therfe last year and this year we are entering the Box League, but that has been postponed for now and another league has been completely shelved.

“There is something about the game, every ball and delivery has the ability to change the course of the game. There is the battle within yourself and it is a challenge, it’s a team sport and it’s also so individual where it allows for a good mix of people.

“Cricket can be all day and you meet people from different walks of life, you have a chance to make some really good friends that can be around for years.”


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