Staffs company at forefront of Reverse Vending: a new way forward?


A new local Stoke business is aiming to be at the forefront of a revolutionary move to change the way we recycle.

Recyclever, based in Newcastle, hope to change the way we dispose of waste material, using traditional-style vending machines.

Better known as an RVM – a reverse recycling vending machine – is a plastic and metal collection point for customers to return their empty containers with ease.

Andrea Magrini, the managing director of Recyclever, explained the concept.

He said: “In a few countries around the world there is a deposit return scheme. You pay a fee every time you get a drink and you get that fee back when you return the empty container.”

The environment obviously benefits enormously from deposit return schemes (also known as DRS).

He explained: “Countries with a deposit return scheme generate a virtuous cycle towards the circular economy.

“They experience a dramatic increase in recycling. From 70% in the first year then 85 percent up to 98% in Germany after many years, for example.”

This unique scheme involves endless players for it to work. Magrini said:” It ranges from the retailers who hand out and back in most of their containers to the beverage companies, those who are inputting the containers in the market to sell their drinks.

“It also includes councils, logistics companies waste management, recycling and certainly governments.

“In countries where they work, a scheme operator is set up. It can be a government body, a waste management company or even a non profit organisation like a drinks manufacturer- for example.

“Reverse vending machines can lead to creating a stronger circular economy.”

How exactly does a RVM work?

  1. Insert the bottle into the machine with the bar code facing upright
  2. The bottle is scanned to check it is suitable for recycling
  3. Bottle is crushed to reduce volume and destroy the barcode
  4. Customer receives printed voucher

Magrini added: “We started investing in Recyclever because there are a few deposit return scheme’s in the world, it’s still a niche.

“We have made a machine that does all the technical aspects but in a more fun way!”

For more information regarding Recyclever you can visit their website email: [email protected]  call: 01782 794529


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