Staffordshire NHS nurses still concerned over lack of PPE


New nurses on the coronavirus battle front still have major concerns over the lack of PPE (personal protective equipment) months into the pandemic.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock has been reassuring the nation about the precautions that individuals must take for their own and others safety against the virus.

The Health Secretary said in a briefing at the start of April: “I’ll stop at nothing to make sure that front line staff have the right equipment so that they’re safe and can have the confidence to do their jobs”.

NHS staff continue to worry about their own safety.

Hollie is a final year student nurse studying at Keele University. To be able to help support the NHS, she has qualified as a nurse six months earlier than expected.

She said: “People are not going to want to go and help if they haven’t got the correct equipment

“We’ve trained for this and had two and a half, nearly three years of solid intense training both in and out of university.

Now qualified nurse Hollie ready for her shift on the ward. Image: supplied.

“As nurses we work with infectious people on a daily basis but we have never cared for people on this scale.”

Natalia, from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, is a nurse at the Royal Stoke University Hospital and is working on the front line in a Covid-19 ward.

She said: “It is my job to look after these patients, even though I am willing to do so, at the same time I want to protect myself.

“If I protect myself, then I am also protecting my friends and family.

“This is what us nurses are trained for and we know we have the responsibility to look after these patients.

Patients safety is at the heart of the NHS.

Natalia said: “We just want to make sure that we are all safe and that we can keep our patients safe.

Keeping the faith, Natalia and her colleagues try their best to remain positive on the ward during their shifts.

She said “Me and my colleagues are reminding one another that we are all a family and we will all get through it.”

Both Natalia and Hollie continue to work on the wards treating Covid-19 patients.

As the struggle continues to distribute PPE to the front line key workers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the nation in his speech on Sunday: “We must sort out our challenges in getting enough PPE to the people who need it, and yes, it is a global problem, but we must fix it.”


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