Pets during the pandemic


Even though lock down has proven to be difficult for us, our pets are having the time of their lives.

People are flocking the streets to walk their dogs – there is a high possibility that is the third time that dog been walked that day.

Social media has been bombarded with cute animal photos and videos of pets. We have invested in even MORE time to our fury little friends.

We have also noticed their mischievousness, whether that is your dog breaking into the treat cupboard.

Or, as soon as you leave the kitchen, your cat think’s she rules the house and strolls all over the kitchen counter – not naming any names here.

Our pets have certainly made times like this a little easier and have had a positive impact on our mental well-being.

Here are some stories on how pets have made lives a little easier in Stok-On-Trent…

Meet Kaiser and Darcey.

Kaiser and Darcey looking innocent!

Love does come in all shape and sizes, Kaiser is a big doberman and Darcey is a little dachshund – Darcey is the boss out of the two when it comes to food.

Their owner, Linda Parson, spoke how they have had such a positive impact on her during lock down.

Parsons said: “Taking the dogs out for a walk during lock down has given me a purpose and it also relieves some stress, especially after a long week at work”.

“They both have huge personalities, especially Darcey, even though she is so small”.

“They both enjoy going for long walks, and i have found myself doing it more so now than i did before the lock down”.

“They are really the best of friend’s and when i’m not working it is nice to see them more”.

Meet the lovely Luna.

Luna out on her adventures.

Luna is a blue roan cocker spaniel and she is definitely the apple to everyone’s eye in the Crabtree family. She never fails to put a smile on their faces.

Her owner, Dave Crabtree, has definitely enjoyed her company since the lock down.

Crabtree said: “It has kept me active and I have enjoyed seeing the wildlife more and being out walking”.

“I have been out walking every day walking Luna on lengthier walks than usual and it has been great to be able to spend quality time together”.

“Before lock down we had already started training Luna with her obedience skills but we never had as much time as i would have liked due to me and my wife working”.

“Now we are definitely making most of this time in the field with her favourite ball”.

“She still needs some work. Luna’s favourite thing to do is play catch with her tennis ball. We have lost a few in the fields though”.

“Mine and Luna’s favourite places to walk is up the Monument in Red Street”.

Meet the fur balls, Millie and Fluffy

Millie and Fluffy having a pose

And they say cats and dogs don’t get along. Well, in this family home, life is never boring as these two are always up to no good.

Millie is a sprocker and Fluffy is a moggy cat.

Their owner Lucy Evans is a key worker, even though she still goes to work, she has spent more time with them since the lock down.

Evans said: “Having pets has defiantly helped me get through this lock down”.

“They have grown up together from very young age so they have an amazing relationship”.

Millie and Fluffy play fighting

“Watching them rolling around the floor play fighting and chasing each other around has defiantly made this lock down more enjoyable. Having around them defiantly breaks up the day”.

“Since Millie is a spaniel she does need a lot of walking to burn off her energy, this lock down has encouraged me to take more time walking her and to embrace being outdoors.”


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