International students locked down in Staffordshire


Living in another country, not knowing your surroundings and having a language barrier can be difficult but living in the UK during lock down has proven to be even more difficult.

For many international students, one of the most exciting things about studying abroad is getting to know the country and the people.

But lock down has taken that away from some students.

Mamoun Hazmoune, a 24-year-old student from Morocco studying at the university, has spoken about his experience in the UK during the pandemic.

Hazmoune said: “At first living in the UK has been good experience, discovering a new culture, meeting new people from different backgrounds and interacting with them it is so nice”.

“I believe that it’s good to be here, because the lockdown around is way less strict than my home country and I feel safe”.

“During lockdown I cook a lot, every time I try new recipes, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t”.

“I miss my home, my family and friends more than ever. Spending quarantine alone has made me realise that I should be grateful every second I have spent with them and will spend with them”.

Travelling the UK was important to some students whilst studying here.

Two students’, who wish to remain anonymous, from Germany said: “It has totally changed student life because we are not able to study ‘normal’ again”.

“It’s sad because we can’t travel England anymore, we planned to visit so many places during our study here, and now we don’t have the chance anymore”

Summer in the UK.

For these students, their journey in the UK has come to an end, as they are allowed to fly back to their home country on Saturday.

They said: “I am looking forward to see my family and to go back to Germany”.

“We have a feeling Germany has the situation better under control because of the better health system”.

“I am very sad to leave because our student life is over and I was enjoying it here and looking forward to the summer”.

“And our time here has ended so quickly”.


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