How local company is helping to keep Staffs athletes fit this lockdown


Staying fit and active has been keeping many people occupied under the strict social distancing restrictions implemented by the government in a battle to fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

For athletes, their competitions have been held at a complete standstill during the pandemic.

EndurancePeak is a coaching business that caters for cyclists, runners and triathlons of all levels from amateur to elite.

Stuart Fisher, from Crewe, is the founder of EndurancePeak and has been helping his clients remain active and training for their next event in the foreseeable future.

Fisher said: “The reason I stared EndurancePeak was because I have always been passionate about endurance sports and underpinning exercise physiology requirements.

“I’ve always been interested in how the human body works and how to push the limits of performance.

“First hand, I have witnessed the many common mistakes amateur athletes make so I wanted to help and support anyone who wants to achieve their potential within endurance sports in a safe and professional manner.

Fisher has continued to support his clients throughout the outbreak by providing weekly training plans.

He said: “We have had to adjust some things slightly during the lockdown, especially during the time when we were only able to exercise outside once per day.

“When that was the case many of my clients purchased an indoor turbo trainer (your bike goes on it so it acts like an indoor exercise bike) and I prescribed sessions for them that they could do on that instead.

“We have also sent out all clients additional items which they could try, such as; running specific drills, weight training sessions and recovery techniques.

Fisher stays up to date with his clients progression by a weekly review of their progress which is held over the phone or a video call.

He said: “Most of them are just missing not having the races to compete in and put all the training into practice.”

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