Coronavirus survivor praises NHS nurse at Royal Stoke University Hospital


CORONAVIRUS survivor has praised an NHS nurse for her positive attitude, during his time in Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Lee Sims was taken to hospital by paramedics, after eleven days of various Coronavirus symptoms, including a raging fever.

“There were signs for warnings with ‘No Entry’ and ‘Red Zone’ and everyone was in full kit, it was just crazy – It was like being on a film set”: said Lee, who was exhausted and had pain in his muscles.

Front line NHS staff have been applauded all around the UK for dealing with Coronavirus patients, and Lee praised the staff at Royal Stoke Hospital for how hard they work.

He especially praised Emilee Challinor, a nurse, who he was reunited with on Midlands Today via a video call on May 11.

“You see the news stories and they’re so scary, but Emilee’s training, dedication and discipline just means that it’s dealt with like nothing’s happening”: said the 43-year-old patient.

Lee Sims survived Coronavirus in COVID-19 ward. Image: Supplies

“It’s restored my faith in humanity, knowing that there’s people like Emilee around”.

Lee’s wife works in a supermarket and he said: “She comes home in tears some nights because of how rude and disrespecting some people are. Knowing that people like Emilee are around balances that up.”

“She’s got this incredible attitude that’s just so cheerful. You could hear her talking to her colleagues and raising their spirits up”.

Emilee, from Park Hall in Stoke-on-Trent, has been overwhelmed with Lee’s positive feedback and praise.  

“All the positive feedback that we’ve been receiving is absolutely wonderful. I’m just so grateful to Lee for his feedback”.

“Even without being in a global pandemic, I think that when patients are in hospital, it’s not a very nice experience. You’re away from your families, you’re unwell, so I always try to give them a positive experience”: said the 28-year-old.

Emilee Challinor, NHS nurse at Royal Stoke University Hospital. Image: Supplied

The dedicated nurse has a 9-month-old daughter, and a partner with asthma, so admits that she is worried about Coronavirus, but that the hospital are giving the staff a lot of support.

“Coming home to them is worrying, but the hospital have been amazing with providing the right P.P.E, and all the staff are so supportive of each other”.

“I am worried, but at times like this you’ve just got to be as positive as you can be. We will get through it and come out the other side”.

The NHS nurse has even made the patients at Royal Stoke University Hospital some gifts, for a sentimental touch.

Gifts made for patients by Emilee

Lee explained that he was racing his friend on a bike 2 weeks earlier and felt amazing but 2 weeks later, he couldn’t walk 3 steps without oxygen.

Lee has been back on his bike since surviving Coronavirus

Throughout his time in hospital, Lee’s fever cleared up and he started to feel better, which meant that he was able to return home to his wife.


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