“Busier than we’ve ever been, as a charity and a football club” – Adam Yates, ex-Port Vale player


In the unprecedented times of this global pandemic, stories of love and support are pouring out now more than ever. Every single person is doing their bit to make the world a better place. May it be staying indoors and saving lives or making sure that each kid in the community is being looked after.

One such story is Adam Yates, an ex-Port Vale right back who made 508 league and cup appearances over a professional career spanning 16 years. He along with club chairman Carol Shanahan has been closely working with Port Vale Foundation, Hubb Foundation and Synectics Solutions to support people in need.

He explained: “So we brought all the organisations together, a lot of different skill sets and a lot of contacts. What we’ve done is utilize everyone to their utmost capacity to provide support and fulfil needs within the city.” 

Receiving overwhelming support from the fans, he further added: “The benefit from Stoke is there are a lot of people willing to support and want us to help those that might need it. The players particulary are missing football and the engagment, and the fans, so the football club as a whole has turned itself into a community organisation rather than a football club.”

Shanahan, who was recently promoted to chair of Synectics Solutions, a data management company, also had a key role to play in Adam’s community work.

Yates said: “More than anything, Carol is genuinely someone who wants to help and support as many different people as possible.

“For me that’s something I do as a player, outside of football I always gave my time personally, she obviously saw that within me, and thought she could utilise it over her businesses and the football club.

“For me, it’s just an extension to what I was doing outside of football, but on a full-time basis.”

Yates has been tirelessly working towards helping the community and families and children in need. He certainly will keep us his efforts, until the country, the world, get through these difficult times.

He added: “We ran the project and charity before the pandemic, so over the last couple years I’ve got a team that I manage, projects I overlook and obviously charity that is up and running now, is part of my daily job but school holiday periods are extended indefinitely now.

“So, something that might have been a 2-week Easter project and then the one week in May, is now effectively every day up until we get to end of this very very difficult time. So it is probably busier than we’ve ever been as a charity and a football club but it is extremely rewarding and you know you are a making a difference to peoples lives”

The club have a food donation point opposite the main reception at Vale Park. If individuals or businesses can support, please contact [email protected]


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