Future Journalist Awards: Winner (Year 5 to 6)


My Story of Stuttering

When you speak you would normally say for example “I like football.” However, when you have a stutter you might say “I I-I-l-like f-f-f-foot b-b-ball.” So when people stutter they usually go to speech therapy.

Speech therapists help by teaching different techniques. When I stutter I feel nervous, shy and scared. I feel that someone is going to make fun of me.

At school, I feel nervous to raise my hand and say the answer or read a book out loud. This all started when I was in Year 1, we went to speech therapy, we played games and after that I wasn’t stuttering.

However, in Year 4 the stutter came back and in Year 5 it got really bad, we decided to go back to speech therapy.

At Speech Therapy I got so upset because I didn’t want people knowing but I kept with it and we spoke about Slover. Slover is a worm that stutters, to make sure he won’t stutter, he talks slowly.

At school, I stutter, making me feel like I can’t join in with speaking out. Mum told my teacher, my teacher then researched on famous people who suffered then came back to us with the idea of showing my class all the famous people, asking what they have in common. Then if I was comfortable to tell everyone about me.

We did this, they didn’t guess what it was, then my teacher told the class about my stutter. My teacher has been so supportive, telling me of her dad having the same problem, making me feel so much better.

We’ve had more meetings at school. So helpful to be able to speak out, be more me.

Working hart at home, school and speech therapy and think things are starting to improve for me. I am gaining more confidence to speak out and put my hand up to answer questions.

Winner of the Future Journalist Awards 2020 Year 5 to 6 category, Joseph Morgan.


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