Two: Review


Heartwarming and heartbreaking, Two at the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme will make you want to head straight to your local.

The two-person show took my breath away, I could hardly believe that only two actors were on stage at any given time.

Jimmy Fairhurst as ‘Man’ and Samantha Robinson as ‘Woman’ blew me away with the depth of each and every character they played.

The audience are transported to their local public house, as soon as you walk into the stage of the New Vic, you feel the atmosphere of the pub on a Friday night.

Jimmy Fairhurst as Moth and Samantha Robinson as Maudie. Two at the New Vic Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet

Jimmy Fairhurst is found serving pints and chatting to members of the audience as the Landlord, heckling people with lines like “take your coat off or you won’t feel the benefits”.

Samantha Robinson, playing the classic Stokie Landlady comes in with her sassy demeanour, a glass of gin and some banter with her husband, which on the surface feels innocent enough but as we move through the play we find out that there is much more than meets the eye to this couple.

Jimmy Fairhurst and Samatha Robinson swiftly move through several different characters, each with their own very individual personalities but all of them at the same pub.

That is the beauty of the local pub, that despite their differences, everyone is there enjoying the same drink from the same tap and the same conversations with the same landlords and landladies. This shines through the entirety of Two.

I cried with laughter and I cried along with sadness, it was the perfect balance of emotions.

Jimmy Fairhurst as Old Man Two at the New Vic Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet

Director of Two, Ruth Carney said of directing in her home theatre for the first time: “I’m coming home, I’m coming home, I get to come home!!! I get to direct at the New Vic, this amazing theatre in this amazing city! Wow.”

She continued: “It feels so apt then that the first play I direct here is Jim Cartwright’s Two. A play about people, their lives and the community they live in. I have always loved this play- it is funny, poetic and poignant.”

I would highly recommend this fantastic play, it makes for a hilarious and heart-wrenching night out.

Two is at the New Vic, Newcastle-under-Lyme from Friday 31st January 2020 to Saturday 22nd February. For more details call 01782 717962 or visit


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