StaffsLive helps Year Nine pupils learn all about journalism


St Joseph’s College invited employers from the area to take part in their annual Year Nine Industry Day.

Career paths included armed forces, law and journalism. StaffsLive journalists went along to deliver a workshop in journalism to show a group of year nine pupils what the career entails.

Maria West, Librarian and Careers Lead at St Joseph’s College: “This industry day that we run every year is greatly beneficial for our students. So it has been wonderful to have the Staffs Journalism team along with us this year. Students have a chance to meet with somebody who isn’t a member of staff.

“They get to explore and get an insight into other careers and industries that they wouldn’t usually have access to. It’s a great chance for them to learn new skills and develop them and be able to explore and understand the wider world around them.”

After the workshops, the pupils made presentations about the job roles they had been introduced to.

Steve Flather- Careers Link Governor for St Joseph’s College “I’m here because I like to see what’s happening. I think it’s really crucial that students see what’s taking place out in the real world.

“They have no knowledge of that and the idea of having the industry day where they get to see so many different careers and get to talk to people who can explain how they get to those jobs, what experience they need to have, what qualifications they need and the various opportunities that are available are just fantastic.”

Zachary Beresford-Copstake, Year 9 Pupil at St Joseph’s College said: “I found it really interesting, like the fact that shorthand symbols actually look really similar to the alphabet.

“I have learned that you need all the facts, you can make reviews and be on websites, it’s just amazing.”

Onara Perera, Year 9 Pupil at St Joseph’s College said: “Today I have learned about journalism and how it’s about sharing information to the public and I’ve also learned about shorthand and how fake news can affect the public.

“Fake news can impact the world around us and journalists can struggle with that when they are trying to find information. I really enjoyed it, especially knowing about shorthand and how they need to write more than 100 words per minute.”


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