Intu Potteries launches mental health scheme


Intu Potteries are encouraging their shoppers to sit and have a talk in their new ‘Chatty Chairs‘ area as part of their national campaign to start conversations about mental health.

This comes after the World Health Organisation revealed the one in four people in the country suffer from mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, at some point in their life.

The Chatty Chairs area will remain in the mall throughout the year to encourage more conversations between visitors. The initiative is being launched at Intu centres nationwide under Intu’s strategy to raise awareness of mental health among its visitors and staff.

Rachael Jackson, general manager at Intu Potteries, said: “This forms part of our commitment to reducing the stigma around mental health and encouraging more open and honest conversations around mental health and wellbeing.

“Intu destinations sit at the heart of communities and reach more than half the UK’s population and so it is important that we support causes that really matter to our visitors and provide destinations that are truly accessible and welcoming for all. Working with important organisations on initiatives such as Chatty Chairs is one way we feel that we can make a real difference to the million people a day who visit our centres.”

In December, Intu’s chief executive Matthew Roberts signed The Time to Change pledge, a growing social movement run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness to transform attitudes to mental health in the workplace.

Sandrine Rutter, marketing manager at Intu Potteries, said: “We want visitors, when they come in, to leave happier than when they arrived. So, take your time, take a seat and speak to people.

“Sometimes just talking to people helps a lot”

To learn more about the Chatty Chairs scheme visit:

Listen to our coverage, where we talk to Sandrine Rutter about Intu Potteries‘ involvement:


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