Disabled pensioner’s scooter heartache


A disabled pensioner has been left devastated after discovering his stolen mobility scooter was uninsured.

John Costello, a retired joiner who got in touch with his insurance company to pursue a claim has been left with double heartache.

Since contacting his insurers Mark Bates Ltd, John has been informed that his claim has not met the terms and conditions of his policy, due to the vehicle being kept outside in his back yard.

John Costello (67) from Burslem , Stoke on Trent said: “I have always kept my scooter outside in the back yard and have been paying Mark Bates Ltd for several years to insure my mobility scooter.

“Since getting in touch with my insurers they have confirmed that my scooter must be under lock and key within my dwelling, chained down.

“I would not have taken out this policy without telling the insurers that I keep the scooter outside in my back yard, so this is the first I have heard about this.

 “I have now had to log a complaint into my insurance company and am waiting for them to investigate into this matter.”

Melanie Woodward, Compliance Manager at Mark Bates Ltd said: “Our policy clearly states that the mobility scooter must be kept in a locked and secure building or in a communal room within the property.

“Unfortunately, the storage of the mobility scooter was outside the terms and conditions of the policy that John has with us, and therefore we have the right to decline the claim.

“I am aware that a complaint has been filed by Mr Costello and I am in the process of investigating this and getting back to my client with an outcome shortly.”

John has since been left housebound after heartless thugs stole his mobility scooter outside his home, whilst he was sleeping in the night.

Mr Costello said: “I am absolutely devasted when I woke up and could not see my scooter.

“The scooter had cost me £3000 and I have been using this for several years. Every morning I take my scooter and walk the dogs and am reliant on this as I cannot walk more than 20 yards. This is my lifeline.”


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