Tackling Knife Crime in Staffordshire


Team Moxy have raised funds for a knife amnesty box to be placed in Staffordshire to help tackle the dangers of knife crime.

The National Citizen Service Programme run by the YMCA saw students complete a 200-mile gym session on treadmills and cycles to raise funds for this social action project.

According to Team Moxy during the last 12 months, the amount of knife crime in Stoke has risen by 5% and there has been over 400 incidents. Team Moxy have worked on this project to help get the message across to people about the seriousness of this crime and create a safer community.

Kelcee Milne from Team Moxy said: “Due to our past experience and our desire to benefit our local community to make it a safer place, we want to tackle knife crime and prevent the increase of incidents from getting to 6%.

In order to prevent the rising figures, we want to give people, the opportunity to give up a knife to help save lives.”

Serious knife crime is defined as any assault, robbery, threat to kill, murder, attempted murder or sexual offence involving a knife or sharp instrument. With hundreds of people being affected every day, knife crime has devastating consequences on families, children and communities. Police and partners aim to encourage young people not to carry knives and to instead choose a different path for their lives, one without the risk of prison, serious injury or death.

Matthew Ellis, Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime believes knife crime has become a national trend, he said: I think its becoming self perpetuating. Its all over the news all the time i think an element of this is because youngsters of all sorts of ages tend to see it ll around them.

“If you live in fear because you see knife crime across the television there are some people in society who like to think ‘you know what i need to carry a knife’ they don’t need to.”

Tegan Gough, project lead at the YMCA said: “It has been great working on this project with Team Moxy.

They showed great enthusiasm and commitment in raising awareness of how serious knife crime is and came up with a brilliant solution to raise funds for a knife amnesty box.”

We have worked in collaboration with Staffordshire Police and the Council to make this project a success.”

Team Moxy should be very proud of all the effort they have put in to make this project happen.”

To find out more information click here to head to the NCS Team Moxy: Fight Against Knife Crime facebook page.


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