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Volunteering… it’s beneficial to you, as an individual, and to the people around you, in your community.

The effects on your health are second-to-none: it’s a cheap way to feel good about yourself because all you’re having to spend is your time. Not only does volunteering help to counteract the effects of anxiety, stress and anger but it also combats depression, increases self-confidence and provides you with a sense of purpose.

Furthermore, volunteering enriches our society by bringing us together as a community. It supports local businesses and organisations,

Our Staffordshire Youth Commissioners work to implement positive change around local issues.

“Only a life lived for others is worth living.”

Albert Einstein

The Staffordshire Youth Commission depends on volunteers – without them, the project wouldn’t exist! It’s our volunteers voices which influence everything that we do. We value their ideas, skills and life experiences, all of which contribute to and decide the issues we prioritise and the projects we take on.

Because they put so much into the Youth Commission, we try to give as much back as possible, too! Just a few of the membership benefits include:

  • A personal development plan, assessed monthly
  • A monthly one-to-one support meeting with the project’s coordinator
  • Regular skills training, such as campaign design and delivery
  • Networking opportunities
  • Attending exciting and interest events
  • … And much more!

The feedback from our volunteers lets us know that we’re doing a good job of looking after them, too!

The Staffordshire Youth Commission at their Annual Event in 2018.

A Youth Commissioner’s Story

Kess Akhtar has been a volunteer with the Staffordshire Youth Commission since 2017.

He talked to me about his experiences as a Youth Commissioner: “Being a part of the Youth Commission has been an enriching experience for many reasons.

“I believe one of the most important duties of a citizen is to serve its people. The Youth Commission has allowed me to serve my local community and tackle problems head-on.

“I think working with key institutions like Staffordshire Police and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service really allows meaningful change to be implemented. It’s quite amazing because you can actually make a real and positive difference to your community.

“I would recommend to anyone to get involved with the Youth Commission. It’s a brilliant medium to express your voice and opinions.

“I’m currently away in China for work purposes and I love that I’m still able contribute by liaising with the project coordinator and other Youth Commissioners to share new ideas for our upcoming projects, and by supporting our social media.

“The Staffordshire Youth Commission has really helped me to grow as a person – it’s helped me to develop new skills like teamwork, leadership and public speaking.”

We are always recruiting and we would love to have YOU on our team. You can apply here and make enquiries by emailing us.

What makes us great is that we’re all unique – by coming together, we are able to share, compare and merge our diverse experiences and ideas to create something that really makes an impact.

Olivia – Staffordshire Youth Commission Project Coordinator


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