No Meat November: Cancer Research’s Veg Pledge


This November Cancer Research UK is encouraging people around the country to ditch the meat for a month in order to raise money for life-saving research for cancer patients.

The campaign, ‘Veg Pledge’, is based around people becoming vegetarian or vegan for a month whilst fundraising for the cause.

We spoke to Amy Hutchinson, manager of the Vegan and Vegetarian Society at Staffordshire University, about the benefits of going vegan.

“I’ve been vegan for 3 years now,” Hutchinson says, “The main reason I went vegan is for the animals, I personally don’t believe the way that animals are treated is very ethical.

“I’d like to bring as much peace to the world as I can, and I believe that starts on my plate and that caused me to go vegan at the very beginning.”

Turning vegan or vegetarian also has health and environmental benefits, as Amy informed us.

“I think it’s a lot healthier. Obviously, a plant-based diet has been known to reverse diseases. For the environment, I know that the beef and the dairy industry adds a lot of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which, obviously, is causing global warming.

“Also, the amount of water that is needed to farm animals is like extremely high and that could be given to people that need clean water instead. We do not need meat to survive. “

The new campaign hopes to enlighten people about the lifestyle of a vegan or vegetarian whilst also highlighting the health benefits of lowering the risk of cancer.

“I think it’s a really good idea,” Hutchinson told us, “I think what’s quite intimidating about veganism is the idea that you need to do forever and if you don’t do it forever then you’ve failed.

“I think, you know, getting people to just do it for a month and then if they would like to continue, they can.

“I think that’s a really nice way to open people’s eyes to it and knowing that other people are doing it in November as well… I think that will be like everyone’s a team and will make more people, hopefully, try it out.”

Cancer Research said: “Processed and red meats do increase the risk of bowel cancer, but we don’t see the same link with fresh chicken and fish.

“So try switching to these after your Veg Pledge challenge, or eggs and pulses like beans, for healthy sources of protein.”

We challanged our reporters Charlotte Yorke and Jamie Moore to see if they could cook a delicious vegan meal for their own Veg Pledge. Listen to the results below:

To sign up to the Veg Pledge today, follow this link.

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