Stoke Speedway closes its doors after 90 years.



Stoke Speedway will race for a final time on October 5th as they travel to Leicester Lions Cubs. 

Stoke Speedway will end their 2019 season and will not be operating in 2020. As Stoke Speedway rented the track, they didn’t have the funds to buy it from Newcastle Under Lyme Stadium Ltd. as it was sold to a development firm.

As the stadium is worth a seven-figure number, Stoke Speedway always rented the track.

Adam Isherwood is a co-promoter and team manager down at Speedway and unfortunately won’t continue his role at Speedway. Adam has worked at Stoke Speedway for over 15 years and said it was devastating that the stadium will shut their doors for one final time. 

Saturday October 5th will be the last time Stoke will race as they travel to Leicester Lion Cubs who currently sit on top of the National League. Stoke sit seventh in the National League after only winning four races throughout the season.

Stoke held their final race at Loomer Road as they hosted Leicester Lion Cubs and were unlucky as they lost 40-50. The race was the last meeting at the Chesterton venue that started at 7pm. A meeting was held at Speedway in order to explain everything that was going on with the club. 

Stoke-on-Trent Speedway is 90 years old and it use to run at Sun Street in Hanley. Speedway opened in 1972 in Hanley, however, in 1973, Speedway moved to Loomer Road in Chesterton. SOT Speedway comes with a 90-year history and has always been loved within the city. Now it has shut its doors, Speedway is struggling throughout the country, but it is still big in Poland.

Dave Tattum who owns Stoke Speedway has confirmed that there will be a track day on Monday for any riders that want to have some time on the Loomer Road circuit. The potter’s promoter said; “the track day will start from 12 noon and conclude at 3pm with normal prices for riders.”

Speedway will race for a final time on Saturday afternoon after a long-standing history. After 90 years, Saturday afternoon will be an emotional time for those that have been apart of Speedway for so many years.


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