Stoke mum admits assaulting eight-year-old son after he refused to come inside from playing.


A Stoke-On-Trent mum has been handed a 12-month community service order after courts heard of how she beat and dragged her son indoors after he refused to come back inside from playing with his friends.

Prosecutor Robert Lassey, told Stoke-On-Trent Crown Court: “The defendant’s son had been at a neighbour’s house while his mother was shopping.

“He was playing outside with friends. His mother told him to get back inside, but he didn’t want to. His mother proceeded to drag him inside.”

A teaching assistant who wished to remain nameless, saw the attack, pointing out that he was clinging to the fence while she was hitting him

Bruises on the boy’s body were revealed through a medical examination, although doctors were uncertain whether they had been caused by the assault.

For the attack, Judge Dean Kershaw charged the mother, who remains nameless to protect the identity of the child, with common assault gave the mother a 12-month community service order.

Mitigating, Paul Cliff told Wolverhampton Crown Court that, “This was heavy-handed, and she is paying the price.”


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