Staffs students petition against parking prices


Commuting university students are petitioning to have their car parking permit costs reduced.

The petition was opened following a series of complaints regarding the number of parking spaces available at Staffordshire University’s Stoke-on-Trent campus and has now received over 300 signatures.

Student Lauren Daniels, 21, started the petition, explaining: “Everyone has to pay £60 / year to have a permit.

“For over a year now, a big [car park]has been cornered off due to building work. This has resulted in the car park [becoming]full very quickly and before 9am!

“Because of this, people are late for their lectures and having to find alternative parking around the area, most of [which]is residential parking.

“If Staffordshire University has reduced our parking spaces then why are we paying £60 to park? It needs reducing!” 

StaffsLive approached 21-year-old Forensic Biology student Hannah McNamara for comment, who said: “Do not get me started on that flaming parking! 

“I have a permit I have paid for but I still have to go and park outside my friend’s house near Stoke College. It’s absolutely ridiculous. 

 “Considering it takes me an hour to get here, it can take me an hour to park sometimes! Stupid! [I have] been leaving so early to get here on time for lectures.

“They need to put a limit on the amount of permits they’re giving out.”

A spokesperson for Staffordshire University commented: “We appreciate that Staffordshire University is currently experiencing high levels of demand for parking, and we are sorry to hear that some of our students and staff have been having difficulty finding spaces.

“Please bear in mind that the first four weeks of the new academic year are typically the busiest on campus.

“Our new permit application system for students and staff is due to launch soon, and will outline the steps we are taking to reduce on-campus parking congestion. We also expect the resumption of permit enforcement rules on 1 November 2019 to further improve the situation.

“To help reduce on-campus congestion, and to reinforce Staffordshire University’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, we encourage students and staff to use public transport wherever possible.

The representative continued: “If you do have to drive to campus, we ask that you aim to arrive in good time for lectures and appointments.

“We thank everyone for their patience during this busy period.”

It appears that the parking at Staffordshire University has been a problem for some time. Just last year, students were outraged by the closure of the University’s Brindley Car Park on Leek Road.

Twitter user Becky Kershaw tweeted in 2018: “Not happy today Staffs Uni. Cannot park at all anywhere. It’s either get a fine and park where I’m not meant [to]or miss a day of study! Very disappointed.”

In 2015, several students vented their frustrations on social media. Kieran Marrow wrote on Twitter: “@StaffsUni the parking situation is a joke, [I’m] turning up 45 minutes before lectures just to get a space and then not even finding one?!”

Danny Wright also wrote: “£35 for a parking permit for a year of parking on Hanley Park. Cheers for that @StaffsUni.” 

You can find more information regarding parking from the Staffordshire University Student’s Union here and view the petition here.


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