Go Sober this October for Macmillan Cancer Support


For most drinking has become a key element of socialising. A cheeky glass of wine at home while you catch up on a Netflix series. A pint after work with the lads. Or the endless Purple Rain pitchers you sink down at the local ‘Spoons.

But the beginning of Fall marks the return of Macmillan’s Go Sober for October campaign, encouraging people across the country to ditch the drink for 31 days to raise money for those living with cancer. The challenge is free to take on, anyone can sign up through the Macmillan Go Sober website, with over 64,000 people raising money already.

The idea of even a week without a drink in hand may terrify the faint of heart. However University lecturer Ian Whittel has spent the last 10 years alcohol free and thinks that everyone should allow themselves to experience the benefits of sobriety at some point in their lives. “I would urge anyone to at least give it a go for a couple of weeks if you can’t make the full month, ” he said, “If only to go through the process where you find out the impact it does have on your life whether positive or negative.”

Choosing to ditch the drink will not only make your bank account a little happier but your body will thank you too – clearer head, clearer skin and not to mention banishing those countless hangovers.

“Not drinking obviously makes a big difference in your life and generally I would say physically your health and fitness is better.” Ian mentions, “Your ability to sleep better, which is obviously very important, is improved, the lack of hangovers. But also, I think there’s a mental benefit, if you take alcohol out of the equation then I guess you know you’re gaining mentally as well as physically out of it.”

With freshers’ events coming to a close around University, the campaign couldn’t have fallen at a more appropriate time. Giving students the opportunity to give their livers a break, ready to get back to the grind. But if sobriety isn’t for you it is important to remember to stay safe and responsible when drinking. Here at Staffordshire University students are reminded of the importance of knowing your limits. Student Union president Connor Bayliss explains that the safety of the students is a number 1 priority:

“In all our venues we promote safe drinking so we always stop societies initiations, so theres no form of initiations.” he said, “We are always against any form of bad drinking so we always promote in venues a limit of 3 drinks served to one customer at a time. If someone looks overly drunk we stop serving them and we always just promote safely drinking and safely getting home after as well. We are very much caring for the students.”

Could you take on the challenge and stay sober this October?

For more information on how to become a Soberhero, find support with sobriety and the benefits of going sober visit gosober.org.uk and take on the challenge this October.


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