Say ‘Hallow’ to Halloween


Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween this 2019.

Halloween is upon us! Feeling brave?

Scarefest at The Alton Towers Resort is better than ever this year and they have two brand new and exciting scare mazes to prove it!

Tread carefully into The Attic high inside the Towers themselves as the story of the ghostly Governess unfolds around you.

Legend has it that she takes the lives of the living around her and traps their spirits to avenge her death. Will the poor lost souls of her children warn you just in time or will you fall victim to another brutal murder of hers?

Only you can decide as you climb higher into her dark and dusty home. This brand-new maze is a cracking way to kickstart your Halloween!

Can’t swim? Then don’t let the Sirens lure you into their ocean when you dive down into the Darkest Depths beyond The Mutiny ship.

If you think you can put up a spectacular swordfight among the ghost pirates in this new live action maze then get your boots on and gather up your pieces of eight.

But don’t be fooled! If you find yourself being enchanted by any beautiful yet haunting voices in your midst, resist the urge to follow them and make it back to land while you can!

“They capture your soul, they capture my souls, they capture OUR souls!” – Ghost Pirates of Darkest Depths

If you’ve ever been inspired to find cures for illness and disease then Project 42 may just be your next research assignment inside the Phanlanx Base.

The infected are lurking in every corner as the virus continues to spread and if you can’t find the vaccine to cure them all, your time will shortly be up. Get ready for biohazards left right and centre while you claw your way towards the exit while the sick beg plead and cry out to you for help.

Keep your hard hats lit if you’re heading deeper into the dark dank mines of Altonville. You’ll discover the legend of what local residents called the ‘Skin Snatchers’.

The Altonville Mine Tours begins with “a few lighthearted jokes but quickly turns into a nightmare” as you come face to face with the unhinged brothers and sisters of the mine.

Unearth the horrifying story of the outcasted family that once lived underneath your very feet. Chances are if you smell nice you’ll definitely taste nice so be warned.

Don’t forget to stop at their very own gift shop where their “deranged yet oddly funny” Salesman will attempt to sell you some diamonds in exchange for your life. Will you make a purchase?

Sub Species The End Games will have you racing to your death alongside the dying that await in these post-apocalyptic sewers.

“It’s easy to lose yourself inside the cold and wet tunnels” and the poor mutilated victims have no choice but to appease the creature that rules over them. You are their sacrifice.

Play to win or play and lose, your fate is in their hands and the sewer-dwellers are no strangers to cannibalism. “You’ll immediately sense that you don’t belong in their community but once you’re in, there’s no escape”.

Unravel the stories that haunt Staffordshire when you descend into the Alton Towers Dungeons. Will you be found a Sinner by the Judge, survive a journey down the Black River, make it out alive from the Witch of Burslem’s cottage? Only you can decide your own fate. You’ll be laughing and screaming as you travel back in time through the history of Alton Towers.

If you’re looking for tiny terrors for your tiny tots, look no further! Cbeebies Land will host the fabulous Monster Ball where all the Cbeebies characters will be dressing up in their favourite Halloween costumes to dance, play games and have a good old singsong.

For some more all-round family fun, head on over to the Freaky Fun Zone where you can grab plenty of cool photo opportunities and you can join Patch for her Halloween party where there will be games, magic and more dancing.

Don’t forget to say hello to the resort’s very own Alton Ancestors as they party their way around the park cracking frightfully funny jokes.

The Alton Towers Resort will have you howling with laughter this Halloween.

Do you dare?


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