Floods led to accommodation evacuation at Staffordshire University campus.


Overnight flooding of the public walkway between Clarice Cliff and Staffordshire University Campus has led to students being evacuated immediately.

All students staying at the Aynsley, Royal Doulton, Minton, and Spode accommodations received a text at 12am this morning instructing them to pack an overnight bag and meet at LRV with immediate effect.

Campus accommodation at Staffordshire University roped off amidst evacuation text.

ResLife, the Staffordshire University accommodation coordinators, has stated that: “Due to the high rainfall overnight, some areas of the campus are affected by raised water levels.

“As a precaution, and for the health and safety of our residents, the University Estates team has closed off some pathways around the campus. In particular, the path and bridge to Clarice Cliff has been closed due to its close proximity to the River Trent.”

“The campus and facilities are still accessible, but you may need to take alternative routes and prepare appropriately for the weather conditions.”

Glynn Luznyj, Director of Response, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has deployed a number of firefighters and officers to assist Staffordshire University in undertaking evacuations of accommodation blocks as a precautionary measure, due to localised flooding concerns.”

Students at Staffordshire University, Gabriel Gonzalez and James Lovell told us: “11:15 am, they were knocking on our door and telling everyone to leave basically. Pack your stuff for the night and go to LRV. 

“The fireman had to block the exits to get rid of the water, we had to leave because it would trap us inside.

“Our plan of action is to make camp at the library at the moment but that could change, or we’ll have to find accommodation through friends. 

“But we’re safe now, we’re good, we’re chilling in the pub.”

Nigel Thomas, Dean, School of Life Sciences and Education, Staffordshire University, added: “We are working in close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the flooding is brought under control, and we have implemented a series of precautionary measures to ensure that all of our students are safe and comfortable.”

While students within the Clarice Cliff accommodation weren’t evacuated they were encouraged to contact University ResLife if they had any further concerns.

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Video captured at the scene shows flooded car parks and students evacuated to LRV.

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