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Staffordshire University security team and James Morgan, head of communications at the university, have given advice to students and staff on staying safe in and around campus.

There have been incidents on campus of students being sexually assaulted and being followed to their accommodation on campus or to their student houses around the Shelton area.

Morgan said: “Staffordshire University is committed to ensuring that its students and staff have a safe and secure environment in which to live, work and socialise.”

During the evenings is when most students say they feel most at risk, in particular after nights out. 

One student stated that they “carry a rape alarm because someone is bound to hear it”, and it makes her feel safe.

Students can also download an app to their mobile device called ‘Panic Alarm’ which acts in the same way.

Another student suggested that the best way to stay safe is to ‘stay in groups and make sure that your friends get home safe’.   

Student safety is constantly being monitored by Staffordshire University’s security team. Tom, a member of the security team, suggested: “The best way to stay safe is to stay in lit areas and to not forget about us, the security team.”

The University is in the process of training staff and students as part of a Bystander Initiative. 

It is a programme to enable communities to tackle harassment and sexual misconduct head on.

This will help students and staff become more aware of sexual harassment and assualt and in time will give people the confidence to interverne.

Staffordshire University has ensured that the campus is well lit during dark hours and the campus areas are covered by CCTV cameras to make the staff and students feel more safe. 

There is also a campus police liaison officer, Simon Stone who is there to help any staff members or students of the university that have been involved or victim of any crimes. 

The University offer help and support to students who have become victims for events such as these.

Staffordshire University’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Team are on hand to support students who have experienced sexual violence, regardless of whether it is recent or historic.

The University have launched a “Be Safe” campaign that helps students with ways to be safe around the campus.

It is a guide on how to be safe and what is available around the campus and what to do after a night out.

Morgan said: ‘Anyone who is finding it difficult to engage with their studies or cope more generally with the demands of student life can access support through the Student Wellbeing service.

“The important thing to remember is that you should never feel that you have to deal with a situation on your own.

“Regardless of the circumstances, there will be someone available to offer the care and support you need. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team’.

If you seek further information or additional inquiries, there is contact information of support or help below. 

Campus security: Located in the Library and Cadman building which are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Contact Campus Control on 01782 294 444

Police Liaison Office: Located in the Copshop, Cadman Building. Contact on 01782 294 311 or Email [email protected] 

Counselling and Wellbeing: Located in the Trent Build, Leek Road. Contact on 01782 294 976 or Email [email protected]

Be Safe Campaign Page:


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