Settle yourself into Uni with volunteering


Join up with the Canal and River Trust to help get settled into uni and make more friends.

Volunteering programs such as the Towpath Taskforce can help you settle into your surroundings when you start a new university and don’t know many people.

The taskforce is a team of volunteers that work along Caldon Canal which runs through Stoke and Staffordshire.

According to the Canal and River Trust, along their 2,000 miles of canals and rivers there are over 34,000 boats. This makes the work of the Towpath Taskforce that much more important, as it can help reduce the strain on the Canal and River Trust staff, who can then use their specialist training on specific tasks that members of the public can’t do.

The Towpath Taskforce complete a variety of different maintenance tasks along the canal to keep it a safe and healthy environment.

These tasks include lock painting, fencing, litter picking and general clean up to help ensure that the canals are safe and in a good working condition.

Narrow boat owner, Megan Burton states, “Making sure the locks around the canal routes are in good condition is really important, otherwise boats can get stuck and it causes lots of problems along the whole canal.”

Here is Volunteering Coordinator John Keaveny with more on what the Towpath Taskforce does:

If you want to get involved contact the Canal and River Trust at


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